Amondo Szegi
www.fontanatype.hu, amondo.hu

Amondo Szegi (1964) was born in the small town of Szenetes in the Eastern part of Hungary. As a reaction to his politically active art he was forced to earn a living as a worker in the 80s in spite the fact that he was already a well known artist for his mal-art projects and performances. His first exhibitions were organized secretly in pricate flats and galleries in the region, later his works were presented in Bologna and Siena. It is a job offered him at the edit orial office of the main local newspaper of Szeged in 1933 that changed his life. Falling in love with typography he decided to make a living out of this profession. He learned the rules and specifications of typography on a self-thought way while working in different DTP studios. This was the time when his first typefaces were designed. By the end of 1999 he decided to form Fontana Type Foundry with Gabor Kothay. Today his typefaces are internationally known as he's represented by IHOF, T-26, PSY/OP. His special characters designed for the terrible events of New York 11.09.2001 were selected for FONTAID II. Amondo Szegi lives and works in Budapest nowadays. He is well established typoglrapher and graphic designer, one of the founders of the Hungarian Type Society in 2004.