Frantisek Storm

The majority of Vojtech Preissig's type faces have been, from their very creation, subject to controversial evaluations which might perhaps fill more pages than have been set in these type faces so far. The co-author of the modification for computer composition is Otakar Karlas. Without his experience the work would remain only a shadow of Preissig's design. Our aim was to produce a large family of type faces for the setting of both books and jobbing works. The digital transcription of Preissig's Roman came into existence from summer till winter 1998. The direct model for this type face is the most successful, two-cicero (24 pt.) design dating form 1925. The designs of other sizes (12pt., 14 pt., 16 pt. and then 36 pt. and 49 pt.) lack vividness and are the source of the widespread mistaken belief that Preissig's Roman consists of straight lines. Special attention hat to be paid to italics. It is apparent that their design is not as perfect as that of Preissig's Roman. In other words, none of the italic letters corresponds to Preissig's model. The signs which were missing have been supplemented with regard to the overall character of the alphabet.