Lukas Dziedzic

was born in Warszawa, Poland on 18th July 1967. I was a bad pulil till 1987, when I moved to the mountains and became a carpenter's helper. Between 1988-1989 I also worked as an actor in children's theater, a computer programmer and finally I started my career in "Gazeta Wybrocza" as a layouter in classified section. From 1992 I worked with Dominique Roynetto on "Magazyn GW", a new, redesigned layout of "GW", all inserts etc. In 1995 I made my first working font Champagen - still in use in GW. In 1977 I was an Art Director of GW, but I resigned - my son was two, and he did not recognize e as his father. Afterwards I worked for may magazines and newspapers (Grühner+Jahr, AxelSpringer, etc.), Ad Agencies and TV stations, but it did not satisfy my artistic expression. I started to design types more seriously. Just for the beauty of it. The first time I showed my fonts was on corridors of Archa Theatre in Prague, during Atypi Conference in 2004 I was designed free monthly art/cultural magazine "lub czasopisma" where I used only my fonts.